Jewellery Appraisals:

  • Letter size reports
  • Digital Photograph
  • Detailed description of item(s)

Diamond Grading:
Authenticity verification and quality grading of unmounted diamonds, applying the 4C's System

Fancy Colour Diamonds
Colour grading and identification of colour origin

Clarity grading
Saxon.Kruss Inc. issues en extended evaluation report on fancy colored diamonds and gemstones. The report includes 5-15 pages of unique properties, charts and history of your diamond or gem. The special report comes in a hard book copy and takes approximately one month to prepare. Please email us for more information or a quote.

Duplicates of original report are only available for reports not older than 1 year. Duplicates contain the information in the original report and take no account of new insights gained between the original’s date of issue and that of the duplicate. Customers requiring a duplicate are urged to ensure they have written authorization from the owner of the item or from the initial client.

Consultancy Service and Special reports:
Saxon.Kruss Inc. issues special reports for jewellery items, rare and/or historical gemstones, pearls, colored diamonds and rough stones (rates vary)

Travel Documents:

  • Ideal for traveling for customers
  • Letter size document
  • Digital photograph

External Services:
Shipping Instructions
For temporary importation and forwarding to the SAXON.KRUSS INC. we suggest using one of the following specialized customs clearance agents: FedEx, DHL, US Insured Post and hand delivery.

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